MISSHA Time Revolution Immortal Youth Cream

MISSHA Time Revolution Immortal Youth Cream

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100 ml = 120.00 €

The Time Machine for your skin:

MISSHA Time Revolution Immortal Youth Cream

Volume 50ml






Premium anti-aging cream to help take care of the skin with multiple skin troubles due to skin aging.




  • 1. Intensive Care for Multiple Skin Troubles

    Takes a intensive care of multiple skin troubles such as darkening, rough skin texture due to skin aging, making skin become younger and more radiant

    2. Radiance Care with Moisture

    Takes care of skin radiance and moisture by providing healthy energy to the damaged skin

    3. Velvety Texture

    Provides velvety finish with enriched texture


Does not include paraben, artificial colorant, animal ingredient, mineral oil and triclosan.












Apply at the last step of basic skin care. Take an appropriate amount on the palm and smooth the whole face from middle to outside. Lastly, cover your face with both palms to be fully absorbed.


Clinical studies improve, that a using all three products Time Revolution Immortal Youth Moisturizer, Blue Essence and Cream increases moisturizing of skin with 14%, skin density with 4% and skin brightness with 3,5% (after 4 weeks of using, Semyung University).



Use  MISSHA Time Revolution Immortal Youth - Pflegeserie in following direction:






The First Treatment Essence > Moisturizer > Blue Essence > Eye Cream EX > Cream > Stick Eye Cream






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