MISSHA Paraffin Heating Foot Mask

MISSHA Paraffin Heating Foot Mask

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100 g = 24.38 €

Easy & comfortable foot-wellness at home:

MISSHA Paraffin Heating Foot Mask








Heating Paraffin-Footmask in comfortable socks soothes dry & rough feet with moisture & nutrition.





  • comfortable foot mask in sheet socks

  • quick moisture care for rough, dry feet

  • nailcare

  • highclass foot care like in a beauty saloon




1. Quick Absorption of Nutrition and Moisture with Heating Effect

With heating effect, it provides quick absorption of high nutrition essence.

2. Comfortable Rest with Aroma Scent

It takes a good care of your feeling as well with lavender scent.

3. Daily Easy Foot Care

With the double layered sheet that prevents falling down, you can move as freely as possible while wearing the mask on your feet.













  1. Wash your feet and dry them completely.

  2. Separate the foot mask along the dotted line.

  3. After wearing the mask, fix it with the fixation sticker.  

  4. After 15~20 minutes, remove the foot mask and let left over essence be fully absorbed by patting lightly. (7~10 minutes after wearing, you will feel heating.)

  5. * Heating might get stronger if you wash your feet with water right after use, however, it is just a temporary condition so please do not worry.




  • Push your heels and soles down and massage them softly.

  • Using 2~3 times a week, you can keep your feet soft and moisturized.

  • If you wash your feet with water right after using the mask, the heating might get too strong, so please dry them with wind



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