MISSHA M Lash Boosting Ampoule

MISSHA M Lash Boosting Ampoule

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10 g = 45.09 €

For beautiful, healthy, lashes

MISSHA M Lash Boosting Ampoule

Volume 5,5 g



Elasticity UP! Vitality UP! Make-up benefit UP! -with healthy eyelashes: Volume + Long lash + Power! This Eyelash ampoule provides elasticity and vitality, especially for thos who have short and thin eyelashes, damaged eyelashes due to perm or extension, weak eyelashes after using a curler or for those whose eyelashes easily fall out while or after cleansing.



  • Peptide, which strengthens keratin, a component of eyelashes, helps provide strong elasticity and smooth shine to eyelashes
  • Black bean extract and Panthenol help make eyelashes more revitalized and healthy through providing rich nourishment and moisture to eyelashes
  • Optimised 2-Way Brush: 2-Way brush is specially designed for providing nourishment for hair root to eyelashes and it makes application easy and simple
  • MISSHA M Lash Boosting Ampoule provides rich moisture and nutrients to strengthens eyelashes



After cleansing in the morning/evening, clean your eyelashes and apply the ampoule to the hair root with the round tip and apply it evenly on the eyelashes with the catch brush.



  • Recommended to apply 2times a day (morning/evening) with the same amount
  • Make sure the content does not get into the eyes when applying to hair root
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