MISSHA Time Revolution The First Treatment Spray

MISSHA Time Revolution The First Treatment Spray

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100 ml = 26.67 €

Pure moisture for your skin:

MISSHA Time Revolution The First Treatment Spray






The spray with fermented high-class ingredients soothes the skin and provides it with pure, natural moisture.


  • for dry and rough skin

  • for weather and day-dependent skin

  • for sensitive skin

  • easy to transport

  • moisture boost via the Make Up


  1. Healthy and relaxed skin with soothing ingredients that bring the moisture level of the skin back into balance.

  2. Pure supply of moisture, anywhere and at any time! Smallest moisture particles obtained by ionic fermentation conjure up a fine spray, penetrate deeply into skin layers and provide healthy, vital skin.

  3. With no artificial gases the spray is also for very sensitive skin suitable and protects skin from harmful environmental influences and stress.




  • 60% Fermented yeast extract of purple barley of the Himalayas and Gemmule (leaf buds of freshwater sponges), which increase the nutrients in barley again lead to skin high-profile energy and charisma.

  • 30% natural fermented chamomile water soothes the skin and relieves irritation.







Close your eyes and spray the mist from a distance of 15-20cm on your face whenever it feels dry. Knock it delicately in order to speed up the absorption.


Tipp1: Use the spray after cleansing to bring the moisture balance of the skin into balance.

Tip 2: For magic Moist Glow spray over your make up.




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