SKINCARE - Ten steps to perfect skin

The recipe for success for perfect & flawless skin:

Less Make Up, More Skincare!


The Korean care routine usually consists of 10 steps,which increases consistency from liquid to plentiful. Application of differnet products is called layering:

  1. Cleansing is divided optimally in a pre-cleansing with an oil cleanser and cleansing with a cleansing foam.

  2. A peeling or exfoliation removes dead skin cells, lets skin breathe again and improves absorption of following products.

  3. After cleansing a toner or booster provides moisture and prepares skin for subsequent care.

  4. The Essence exists of a large amount of fermented ingredients and dissolves skin troubles of any kind.

  5. Ampoule, serum and oil consist of highly concentrated active ingredients and are applied specifically to affected skin areas.

  6. An Eye Cream supplies the thin and sensitive skin around the eye area with moisture and nutrients.

  7. The Emulsion, lotion or moisturizer proveides additional moisture and is ideal for the care of dry skin with easy greasing points.

  8. The Cream is the most abundant and therefore last step every beauty routine. It contains important nutrients, helps the skin while saving the supplied moisture and prevents it from harmful external influences with a slight protective film.

  9. For the flawless glowing complexion is a daily Sunscreen in milk, lotion or essence form essential.

  10. Face masks are the absolute favorites in Korea. Eigher Sheet masks for the day or Cream-masks for the night, they provide additional nutrients boosts to the skin and should be applied 2-3 times per week.